Past Events


01 March 2019 -- The Future of Crowdfunding for Theatre Artists of Color livestream poster. Brought to you by Advancing Arts Forward and Howlround -- poster designed by princexdesign

25 August 2019 at Mayday Space with Advancing Arts Forward for creating your artistic and activist strategic plan, a tposter with a photo of a corn field and a lake in otavalo, ecuador

06 June 2019 -- Picture of the ocean and the rocky cliffs of MontaƱita, Ecuador. Self-care = Self-love workshop at the TCG National Conference in Miami, Florida hosted by Advancing Arts Forward. Register at tcg.org -- poster designed by princexdesign.

15 September 2019, Self Care = Self Love Workshop at Wingspace Theatrial Design with Advancing Arts Forward. Register at wingspace.com or advancingartsforward.com, 232 3rd Street #C301, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

28 September 2019 - Self care = self love workshop at metaDEN

Self Care = Self Love Workshop with Advancing Arts Forward and Ring of Keys on September 29th, 2019 from 1-3PM.

Strategic Planning for Artists and Activists of Color. Hosted at metaDEN 1814 Bleecker St. Brooklyn, NY. 4 October 2019. 8-10PM. RSVP at advancingartsforward.com or metaDEN.co

7 October 2019, Creating Your Artistic/Activist Strategic Plan at Mayday Space an organizing hub and neighborhood resource in Bushwick, Brooklyn for arts, activism, and community events for all of NYC.

Bilingual Workshops

27 July 2019 self care in-person gathering

Online Workshops

05 August 2019 Artistic + Activist Career Plan online workshop information over a picture of the ground with plants growing.

07 July 2019 -- Picture of a yellow wheelbarrel in a lush garden on a mountain in Colombia. Self-care = self-love online workshop poster.

07 July 2019 -- Picture of a lush garden in the mountains of Colombia. Creating your artistic career plan online workshop poster.

19 June 03 -- Picture of rocky beach with water and forest covered mountains and a bright sky with clouds. Poster advertising an online workshop about creating an artistic career plan. Starts at 7:30pm ET and you can register at advancingartsforward.com

19 May 2019 -- Picture of a creek and a grassy hillside with cows grazing and a cornfield beside them. Self-care = self-love online workshop poster.

10 April 2019 -- Picture of the ocean. Self-care = Self-love online workshop poster. Hosted by Advancing Arts Forward. Register at vivianavargas.com -- poster designed by princexdesign

Strategic Planning Meetup for Group Accountability Partners. October 5th, 2019 from 11AM - 1PM ET. RSVP at advancingartsforward.com